The Legits is the worldwide movement and streetwear emphasizing the Passion Dictates Action way of life, spread among the generations across the world. The Legits is a state of mind influencing people's thinking about their way of life and self-accomplishment. The Legits is the group of people that live their passion, emphasizing quality over quantity in life.

We are family of artists that travel and spread The Legits movement around the globe, because everyone deserves to live to the fullest! We are striving to express the movement via inspiring lifestyles of dedicated individuals worldwide. We are involved with the clothing industry since 2007. 

Passion Dictates Action


Mailing address:
MG & MK, s.r.o.
Rybničná 9959/40
831 07 Bratislava
Slovak republic

Billing address:
MG & MK, s.r.o.
Ružová 3700/3
97411 Banská Bystrica
Slovak republic

+421 908 548 399

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